Freaky Saturday!

Soooo tireeddd…!!

Yea, i’ve just passed my hardest day on last saturday to have two subject of final exam in a row, so syaria’ and auditing was done..!! not exactly done, bcoz i should wait for the result first, hihi.. but what the hell with it.. the secretary of the extension faculty didn’t give us any tolerance with this tight schedule, while on friday night we had accounting for public sector, and then we should have two subject in a row on saturday morning..

And my time management was very bad, instead of doing my final exam task and studying,  i spent two days of my holiday on tuesday and wednesday just for browsing and wathcing tv cable in my homestay, hihi..seems like i got new facility fever, not at the right time.. 🙂 And i have no time for tidying up our room, but i’ve told my hubby that it’s my bad habit while having exam..he’s very understanding, even he cleaned up the room and set my breakfast, huhu.. I love you my dear..

Now is the time for praying for the result.. 😦 syaria’ was very awful, but let’s keep hoping that Mr. Catur got a good mood when he checked our test paper, hehehe..

On saturday night, My hubby and I went to the movie at Plaza Senayan for our very first date after marriage, we watched a Keanu Reeves’ brand new movie, “The day the earth stood still”. And here is my quick review for this movie : the story is about the warning  from a coalition of civilizations that are friends of the Earth (extraterrestrials) for the destruction that the human kind have done to the earth, the earth is going to fall down, so they need to save the earth but not the human being who live in the earth.

At the first time read the title, i thought that this was a science-fiction serious movie (“why so seriouss??”, Joker said), but in the end you’ll find that the story is very flat, lack of emotion, enthusiasm or heartfelt, just at the beginning of the story when Helen Benson, a Harvard microbiologist scientist, and the other scientists are summoned by the government to advise on the glowing sphere in Central Park, i felt that there would be a great adventour, but i found nothing in the end, hihi..for a whole part the 3D effect of this movie was very good, i called a good looking expensive movie..when we walked out from the studio, some people said that they slept during the movie, so ironic..

The most important message from this movie is LET’S SAVE OUR EARTH !!


3 responses to this post.

  1. So, is it a final exam story, movie review or both ? 😀 just kidding my love. Lesson learn, first is time management and the second is save the earth. Begin with a little thing, begin from our self, and begin it now! :p (sounds familiar .. )

  2. Posted by widiajessti on December 15, 2008 at 4:36 pm

    Hehehe..emang nyampur ya jadinya, tadinya cm pengen cerita final examnya, tapi karena pengen komen tentang filmnya, jadi lanjut review de..hehe..

    weks, iklan.. 🙂

  3. Ah,Jessti . . .
    Senangnya bisa kencan sama suami,jadi mau.

    Mudah2an nilai UAS Qta bagus2 ya,Say.

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